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your most important
brand channel


your most important
brand channel

Maximize the impact of branding on pack without all the technical fuss.

Your packaging is by far the most important brand channel. Every potential customer comes in contact with your packaging when shopping and then brings it home, allowing you to keep communicating your brand every day. But packaging is also the media that’s most difficult and complicated to realize when it comes to management, implementation and print quality.

Collabra handles Artwork Management and all technical aspects of pack design implementation, allowing you to focus entirely on branding. We do Artwork Management. Nothing else.

The process

Allow your team to benefit from tailor made Artwork Management processes, enabling team members to waste a minimum of time coordinating design implementation. Use it for branding instead.

The hub

Unite your however scattered team on a mutual online collaboration hub, explicitly developed for hassle free media management. All people and all media, organized, in one place.

The experts

Lean back on reliable expertise ranging from experienced project management and graphics implementation with assortment focus, to cross technology print expertise.

From here… …to here!

Replace all the endless communication and file shuffling, unreliable storage and complicated print issues.

Collabra provides a complete Artwork Management hub with process, file store, projects and experts. You brand, we execute.

Exploring your investment

The importance of packaging as a brand communication channel can’t be emphasized enough. You engage the very best to create a visual concept that creates new selling opportunities. We make the best of your investment. That’s our role.

Straightening the winding path

Scrap complex, time-consuming processes that are difficult to understand and result in unexpectedly bad print results. The alternative: your pack design from breif to print – swiftly, reliably and cost-efficiently. Lean back and enjoy the ride!

Words from our customers

“Great collaboration, very skilled people that do anything to help us”

“Excellent collaboration with my team at Collabra, even though we’ve never met”

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