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Your packaging is by far the most important brand channel. Contrary to avoidable media, every potential customer comes in contact with the packaging whilst shopping. The customers also bring your product to their homes, allowing you to communicate your brand daily every single time the fridge or bathroom cabinet is opened.

So naturally brand owners strive to maximise the impact of the packaging. But it’s time consuming, complicated and difficult to manage the process from design development all the way to the printed pack.

Collabra handles all technical aspects of Packaging Artwork Management, allowing you to focus on the even more important tasks, such as developing products and branding.

Feel safer with full control

We integrate IT with graphics expertise.

Interaction Design

Our quality-assured, computer-aided process gives you better control and a greater sense of security as you prepare your launch.

Save your resources

Our processes and tools reduce your need to coordinate. This means you save resources, cut costs and become more flexible.

Save money

Time is money. So stop wasting time.

Guaranteed top quality

Streamlined processes and media management systems.

We guide your agency’s creative concept through a structured and streamlined process. We make sure that concept and technology are compatible to produce the best design for your packaging.


Content Writing

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From brief to printed packaging in a cost-effective, reliable manner.

Maximise the potential of the package as a communication vehicle. Make it simple to change packaging. Avoid complex, time-consuming processes that are difficult to understand. We’re offering an alternative. Allow us to take your packaging from brief to print – swiftly, reliably and cost-effectively. It will give you a head start. You will be taking full advantage of your design investment while saving time.

We’re experts at managing and creating new packaging designs. We organise and implement the development process between your design agency and printers, using clearly-defined processes and powerful computerised support. That’s why we get so much done. Every year we deliver more than 5,000 originals ready for print.

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We Offer A Full Stack Of Services for Handling your Artworks

Never before has creating stunning products for your consumers been easier. Collabra offers all you need to drive sales using your packages.  

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