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Tork Collabra helped TORK implement several massive rebranding endeavours on the brand’s way towards becoming a global leader. In mid 2000s, TORK needed to consolidate recent acquisitions into a single brand. Their product range had grown to 2,000 articles worldwide. A few years ago another major acquisition doubled that number, prompting a new rebrand. In… Read More »Tork

Läkerol xtreme energy

Läkerol Xtreme Energy

Läkerol Xtreme Energy Läkerol needed to update the Xtreme concept due to declining market shares. They wanted the new product to appeal to the same demographic as energy drinks do. Läkerol aimed to grow the market share with a new target consumer group of male/female 20–35 years old and have a synergy effect on the… Read More »Läkerol Xtreme Energy

Easy Handling Guidelines

Easy Handling Guidelines Previous Next TORK needed to instruct manufacturers on how to implement their innovative new Easy Handling features. They also needed to thoroughly explain the features, which make carrying and opening boxes much easier. At Collabra, we combine analytical thinking with industry know-how when making guidelines. Because of our specialisation, we are exceptionally… Read More »Easy Handling Guidelines


Cloetta Chewy Pops Previous Next Cloetta Norway wanted to grow their popular Pops brand by launching an equivalent of the Swedish Polly as a sub brand. They asked Collabra to make a line extension that combined the two brands into something that would fulfill the company’s vision of providing fun for the whole family. The… Read More »Cloetta


Casco Construction supplies brand Casco has had it’s packaging artwork updated frequently as of late – due to being bought by Sika Sverige AB, legal changes regarding environmental labeling and a design update. Together with Collabra, Casco has been able to revise 800 packages five times in the span of two years. Casco products include… Read More »Casco


Bregott Have you seen the new Bregott packaging that arrived in Swedish dairy cabinets recently? You probably didn’t pay specific attention to whether lid and tub had matching color hues, but they do. Chances are you would have noticed if they didn’t. It may seem trivial, but lid and tub are printed at different locations,… Read More »Bregott