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Cloetta Chewy Pops

Cloetta Norway wanted to grow their popular Pops brand by launching an equivalent of the Swedish Polly as a sub brand. They asked Collabra to make a line extension that combined the two brands into something that would fulfill the company’s vision of providing fun for the whole family.
The brief stated that Chewy Pops should be conceived as a fun and delicious candy that is shared with friends and family. The design should be colorful and playful.
Collabra created a new logo, incorporating “Chewy” into the existing Pops logo in a matching style and smoothing out the chocolate edges mimicking the surface of the product. A new illustration concept was introduced; in keeping with existing Polly designs but adding more detail to the backgrounds.
The Swedish celebrity themed Polly bags were not going to work in Norway, so they needed to be remade from the ground up. Collabra proposed the concept “fun things to do with the family”, with the first example being Chewy Pops Safari – the counterpart of which is Polly Rocks.