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Läkerol Xtreme Energy

Läkerol Xtreme Energy

Läkerol xtreme energy

Läkerol needed to update the Xtreme concept due to declining market shares. They wanted the new product to appeal to the same demographic as energy drinks do.

Läkerol aimed to grow the market share with a new target consumer group of male/female 20–35 years old and have a synergy effect on the entire Xtreme concept.

Short term goal: to drive awareness and adoption of the new products and to achieve a badge value saying that it is cool to be seen with a bag of Xtreme Energy.

Long term goal: to establish the concept on the market as the foremost energy pastille.

Collabra identified a pattern in the design language of energy drinks and similar products, devised the naming convention for the different variants and created the design and artwork for the finished product.

Läkerol Xtreme Energy radiates energy. It clearly communicates it’s affinity with energy products, while keeping the minimalist design outline of the main Xtreme product line. Strong, saturated colors and high contrast makes Läkerol Xtreme Energy stand out from the competition.